Is Social Media Marketing Dead? 

Is social media marketing dead? This is a question that is asked quite often by people who are new to the industry. In fact, the answer is yes and no. Yes it is alive and well, but nowhere near as powerful as it once was. No, it is mostly dead.

What is dead, is largely determined by your definition of what it is. Many believe that it is an outdated marketing technique that has failed to capture a large portion of the audience. Others prefer to consider it a method of gaining new customers, while those in the third category consider it as a means of influencing the views of others and forming opinions. Based on these definitions, the popularity of social media marketing may be divided into two groups: those who think it is mostly dead and those who think it is not very effective at all. Are facebook ads dead? click here to learn more. There are also those who would say that it is not relevant any longer and those who would say that it is very effective. If you fall into any of these categories or fall in between, this article is for you.

Those who think it is dead fall into one of two categories. They are those who feel that social media is a system of networks and that, like the telephone book, it only reaches the audience that the owner of the page allows it to reach. Therefore, if you are running a campaign in India and you do not allow your Facebook page to be promoted, no one will know because your presence is non-existent. However, this ignores the fact that every network has its own set of rules that determine how pages are listed, when they are listed, how they are promoted and what they are advertised for.

On the other hand, those who consider it a medium of influencing others believe that it is a viable marketing tool and should be leveraged in all marketing campaigns. Get more info on whether is instagram dead. Because social platforms have a reach comparable to traditional media and are accessible to a worldwide audience, they offer an opportunity to reach potential customers from around the world. Moreover, in most cases, they allow more time for businesses to develop relationships with their target audience. In other words, social media gives businesses the opportunity to build brand recognition and trust with their followers. It also enables them to follow up on their followers to make sure that they stay engaged with their customers.

On the flip side, those who believe that social media is dead also argue that there is nothing left to achieve after reaching an engagement level with their followers. The problem with this line of thinking is that it suggests that a business needs to base its success on total impressions rather than engagement levels. Learn more from

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