How Are Social Media Ads Dead? 

Many people believe that the rise of social media is a direct result of the increased amount of people who have turned to it for help in making money. In fact, people believe that the reason why there are still billions of people logging into their MySpace and Facebook accounts is because there are still billions of people out there who have yet to be captured by these marketing campaigns. With so much belief in this idea, some are wondering are social media ads dead? This article will attempt to point out some of the difficulties associated with this theory.

If you truly understand what social media is, then you will realize that it is not dead, but has only become more muted. Click to learn more about facebook ads dead. People are still logging onto their accounts to meet friends, reconnect, and reconnect with long lost loved ones. While it is true that some of those people are turning to social networking as a way of venting out, there are still many people who use social media sites for the sole purpose of connecting with other like minded individuals. These are the people that have connected with other social network users simply because they find the concept of "connections" appealing. Therefore, it would seem that this notion that social media is dead may simply be based on the fact that these users are simply choosing to not log on to their account every five minutes. Therefore, these people are still actively engaging with their accounts, but they are doing so in a very subdued manner.

When you consider that this is very unlikely to happen, then it becomes obvious that are social media ads dead? Instead, this is something that is simply becoming an accepted phenomenon. Instead of having millions upon millions of people logging onto their MySpace account every day, you have thousands or even tens of thousands of people logging onto these sites each single day. Therefore, when you have these types of numbers, you can pretty much count on these sites for quite some time. Therefore, while it may be true that the number of MySpace page views is declining, you can also be sure that the amount of traffic being directed to the various social networking pages is actually increasing at a steady rate.

Something else that often gets ignored when you are trying to answer the question of "how are social media ads dead?" is the concept of search engine optimization and how it relates to the idea of driving traffic to websites. In fact, a great deal of traffic is often referred to as "organic traffic" - meaning that it was generated purely through the efforts of search engine optimization techniques. Therefore, if you do not have an account with a networking site, it would be extremely difficult to generate any type of organic traffic simply by having your website appear at the top of a search engine's list of results.

However, even if you manage to generate some organic traffic to your website, the odds are slim that this will translate into an increase in sales. Click here now to get more info. For one thing, a lot of people will tend to click on a particular link only if they are interested in what the site has to offer. If you are trying to sell products or services through social media platforms such as Facebook, it is likely that you will not see an increase in sales if your website's demographic is heavily comprised of young men who cannot make up their minds as to whether they are going to buy a particular product or service. Indeed, the number of such "unqualified" social media users is growing, and this means that the number of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer will reduce over time.

This is why a lot of marketers are increasingly turning to pay per click advertising programs as a means of achieving an effective solution to the question of how are social media ads dead? With these programs, you can easily achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) for your marketing budget. The other great thing about pay per click advertising programs is that you are able to monitor your advertising budget in real-time. There is no reason to rely on guesstimates and assumptions when it comes to this process. You can easily see the response to your advertisements, and also measure your ROI right away. Learn more from

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